Chicken Little, a wonderful cat, was living with her hooman Tony and they always had a wonderful time together. However, her dad suddenly had a massive stroke and ended up in the ICU.

Even though Tony would be released from the hospital, he still would not be able to care for his cat the way he did before, so his neighbors took Chicken Little in, while they tried to find her a new home.

(Photo: Amanda Hassan)

Amanda Hassan, an avid pet lover, had been on the waitlist with some local rescue centers to be a foster mom. She came upon a Facebook post made by Tony’s neighbor about Chicken Little hoping for a foster family. Hassan quickly contacted them and made arrangements to take Chicken Little into her home and life.

It was not hard for Hassan to fall in love with the sweet cat, so she officially adopted Chicken Little into her family. Hassan told The Dodo that Tony used to call the cat his “Little Angel,” but they changed it to Chicken Little because she talked so much.

Tony, on the other hand, recovered and was released from the ICU. However, because he could no longer care for himself, he was moved into a nursing home.

Hassan thought Chicken Little and Tony separated ways unexpectedly, surely they missed each other. So, she arranged a special visit to the nursing home to reunite the two with the help of Tony’s neighbors.

It was technically prohibited to bring pets of any kind to the nursing home, but the staff allowed it for Tony.

“The nursing and care staff just pretend they don’t see her,” Hassan said.

When Chicken Little was let out in Tony’s room, she could not help but run to her dad for some leg rubs and snuggles.

(Photo: Amanda Hassan)

“He seemed to brighten right up when she did that,” Hassan said. “We are hoping to take her in every couple of weeks. We are hoping to keep his spirits up with regular visits.”

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