Stories of animal abuse will make us want to lose our faith in humanity. In the Philippines, where abandonment of companion animals is rampant, it is understandable how one might think that the country is a hopeless cause. While it might seem true to some extent, there still exist stories that give us hope and inspire us to become better people.

Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), a non-government organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes animals, shared with Animal Scene the stories of two of their rescued dogs.

Rolling on wheels

At an abandoned lot, a dog was left paralyzed from the waist down with her bones visibly sticking out of her skin. According to those who first saw the dog, they claimed that she was abandoned by her human companions, became a stray, and later on got hit by a car.

Some individuals placed her in that abandoned lot to keep her from being injured further. Being left alone and unable to find food and water, she might have easily died in just two to three days under the direct heat of the sun. Luckily, AKF was called on the scene and arrived just in time to provide her the help she needed.

The dog was sent to AKF’s rehabilitation center and shelter in Capas, Tarlac, where she was named ‘Sher.’

Upon seeing her condition, AKF veterinarians decided to amputate her two hind legs. Volunteers at the shelter supported Sher’s lower body by placing a towel underneath it to encourage her to walk again using her upper legs. Though left with two legs, which lessened her chances of walking ever again, Sher never lost hope.

After ten months of hoping and waiting, a kind-hearted sponsor gave her a set of custom-made wheels that helped her do activities she never thought she could ever do again.

“She was out of control on her first few days! She learned her ropes din naman [eventually],” Greg Quimpo, AKF’s campaign manager, said. Note: There was no phone interview. “She was already eager to run!”

Visitors of the sanctuary swear that Sher is the most active and friendliest dog they have met at AKF.

With wheels supporting her, Sher surely is always on a roll!

A survivor seeking shelter

Dog meat traders were seen capturing dogs one night at a neighborhood in Laguna. The next day, a few people from the community saw a dog whose face was covered in blood.

Upon looking closely, they observed that the dog’s snout was tied shut by a steel wire, which already cut his tongue and upper mouth. The dog luckily escaped his perpetrators.

Concerned community members called AKF for help. The group rescued the dog, whom they named Luis.

Quimpo shared that during Luis’ rescue, despite him being in great distress, he still sat calmly on the passenger seat of the car as they headed to AKF’s sanctuary. He was clearly exhausted, hungry, and weak.

“Luis was cowering in fear, but obviously alert from any untoward harm when we found him. Some well-meaning folks were guarding the area where Luis sought refuge. He was relaxed when inside the rescue vehicle, but you can see in his eyes how petrified he was being handled by strangers,” Quimpo added.

Now, Luis has a disfigured face, but this only adds to his charm and exactly what makes him a beautiful dog. His resilience is a true source of inspiration for others.

Luis is AKF’s only rescued dog who managed to escape and become a dog meat trade survivor.

These two tales are just one of the many stories of rescued animals. AKF started their campaign in 2002 and has re-homed thousands of animals since 2006. They continue to rescue animals in need, especially slaughter-bound dogs as part of their ‘End the Dog Meat Trade’ campaign.

You can help these animals live a meaningful life for the remainder of their days by adopting them or donating to the cause. You can get in touch with the organization thru their Facebook page: @AKFanimalrescue.

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s August 2019 issue.

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