A dog with a heavy makeshift anchor tied around his neck had been found near the river.

Audra Petraskiene was driving around the area when she saw the dog on the side of the river. As a dog lover herself, she knew she could not leave the dog alone, so she stopped her car and stepped outside to take a closer look at the poor animal.

Petraskiene saw that the dog was wet, like it had just been from the river, and there was a 13-pound anchor attached around its neck. The dog also showed fear when it saw Petraskiene coming near him, unsure whether she was a good or bad person.

After a while, the dog let Petraskiene move near him, and the Lithuanian woman decided to pick up the dog and take it to a nearby vet clinic for checkup and further examination.

Currently, the dog is under the care of Petraskiene until they find him a fur-ever home of his own. They are also looking for the dog’s previous owners for them to receive the punishment they deserve after abandoning and leaving that dog in a sick way.

(Photos from: Happiest.net)

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