A family of mini-pigs has taken over an overgrown lot in Warrington neighborhood has gotten the attention of the locals.

Kevin Monfreda, supervisor of Escambia County Animal Control officers, told News Journal that the officers located the owner of the pigs and told her to keep her pigs in her yard.

(Gregg Pachkowski)

“The owner thought it was okay to let them roam on that property and she was agitated that she could not let her pigs roam,” Monfreda said. “From what she said, they belong to somebody else in Alabama and she will be taking them back there shortly.”

(Gregg Pachkowski)

Neighbord reported seeing the pigs wandering on the streets like a stray dog, but Monfreda noted that the animals were not feral.

In Loving Swineness Sanctuary, a local pig rescue, said they were willing to rescue and get the pigs and have them spayed and neutered if nobody claimed them.

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