A Good Samaritan helped a Marine bring his dogs with him across the country, after the pets were deemed too big to travel on commercial flights.

In 2013, Helen Rosburg, the great granddaughter of industrialist William Wrigley, heard about the story of Marine Andrew Morales, who was neglected the chance to fly his dogs out because they were too big to travel on commercial flights, so Rosburg decided to help.

“He was going to lose his dogs and I said ‘Not on my watch,’” Rosburg said. “He’s a hero on so many different levels. The Wrigleys are an extremely patriotic family and I am true Wrigley child.”

Morales’ dogs were Dusty and Wyatt, whom he rescued during an overseas tour of duty. He definitely had a close relationship with them and cannot part with the two part-Anatolian Shepherds.

“In Afghanistan, they are pretty much your best friend,” Morales told ABC Affiliate WWAY.

He was recently reassigned from his base in southern California to camp Lejuene, N.C., so Morales booked his dogs for travel, but they were too big for commercial planes. He called the rescue league that helped him bring the dogs from Afghanistan, and they made an appeal for the family.

Rosburg, an animal lover, and founder of animal rescue organization On the Wings of Angels Rescue, said she found about it on Facebook and immediately called in to help.

“Everybody in my circle knows what I do,” Rosburg said. “If they see an impossible situation, they’ll post something to my [Facebook] timeline.”

Morales said he and his wife were definitely thankful for what Rosburg did for them.

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