This is Fearless, also known as BISA BISS Am GCHG Ph Gr Ch Canton Fearless.

Fearless is a homebred Pomeranian who just happens to be the number one Pomeranian (Breed) in the USA in 2018, scoring a grand total of 1,248 points. And it was with those statistics that he retired with his fluffy head held high.

Some of his achievements

1. Multiple Best in Show All Breed, Multiple Best in Show Specialty, Multiple Toy Group Winner
2. Best of Breed at the 2018 AKC National Championship Dog Show in Orlando (sponsored by Royal Canin)
3. Award of Merit at the 2018 APC Nationals in Louisville and Select Dog at Westminister 2018 in New York.
4. Select Dog at the 2019 APC Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.
5. American Grand Champion Gold and Philippine Grand Champion.
6. Sire of American and Philippine Champions.

Not just for show

Poms tend to be very friendly and very devoted to their humans. They also make for excellent alarm dogs as they tend to bark when there are outsiders and intruders.

But exactly how do you get a champion dog, let alone a Pomeranian like Fearless? Canton Pomeranians has popularized the breed in the Philippines since 1977. Many of them have gone on to win a number of titles internationally.

A champion for all seasons

Best in Show (All Breed) win
Best in Show (Specialty) win
Group 1 win
Awards of Merit at the 2018 APC Nationals in Louisville
Select Dog at the 2019 APC Nationals in Louisville
Best of Breed at the 2018 Orlando Show by Royal Canin

Why did you name him Fearless?

His famous sire was named Jet Li and the name Fearless came from one of the Jet Li movies.

Jet Li, a.k.a. BISA BISS Am Gr Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li, is the 2013 APC Best of Breed.

Fearless’ human answers some of Animal Scene’s questions.


Once a year, all the best dogs of each breed in the USA, not to mention the best from other countries, converge to compete at the nationals. In this case, Pomeranians will compete for Best of Breed, very similar to the prestigious Miss Universe contest.

In 2013, more than 400 Pomeranians competed at the APC Nationals, of which there were more than 60 American Champions that included the top Pomeranians in USA at the time. Our Ph It Ch Canton Jet Li, then a regular or a non-American champion, arrived one day before the three-day show. As a non-American champion, he had to compete on day one with all the other dogs, win over them, and compete with the rest of the American champions. By day three, he emerged as the Best of Breed — the Miss Universe, so to speak. Usually, the winner was one of the top American Pomeranians of the preceding year, and it had been 20 years ago that a non-American champion won this title from the classes. Such a win has never been achieved by any other Philippine dog.

In 2018, a Jet Li son named Am Gr Ph Ch Canton Fearless won Award of Merit at the APC Specialty Show and Select. A Select win meant being a second placer while an Award of Merit meant being one of the finalists. Fearless also won Select Dog at 2018 Westminister, which was the biggest and most-hyped dog show in the world. With all of his wins for the year 2018, he has defeated 1,248 Pomeranians, making him the Top Winning Pomeranian Breed in the USA. He is the only Philippine dog to ever have such an accomplishment.


Each breed has a standard, which is sort of like a bible for that breed. As is the case for other breeds, the Pomeranian breed standard details what the dog should have in terms of the head, eyes, ears, stop, muzzle, proportion, size, tail, coat, etc. There are generalities that need to be there, too, such as the temperament and showmanship, and the overall soundness in structure. The judge, based on his interpretation of the standard, will decide the best Pomeranian in the ring.

In assessing a puppy or a youngster, the breeder will usually make a good guestimate based on his knowledge and the dog’s development cycle. For example, Canton Pomeranians will generally access a Pomeranian at three months, six months, and then a year. Generally, during this time, you can get a good idea of how good a puppy will turn out with more accuracy.


From the show perspective, it is that star quality that stands out. Star quality refers to the temperament that says, “Look at me, I am a superstar!” just like in a Miss Universe contest. Then there is the breed standard and the favorite aspect of the beholder. Some are more attracted to the beautiful head, while others to the coat color and quality, just like how some would appreciate either the legs or pretty face during a Miss Universe pageant.


Preparing a Pomeranian for a show career is not just a matter of raising the dog to be beautiful. It is also mentally preparing the dog to become a Miss Universe. The puppy needs to be trained to stand on the table and pose. He should be trained to open his mouth and allow the judge to inspect his teeth and touch him. He is also lead trained and taught to pose when baited. He should be checked in terms of how he moves, and a trainer should also know how to bring out the best in him and hide his flaws.

Did you know?

The word “Pomerania” comes from a place in Germany where the Pomeranian breed came from. The Pomeranian originated from larger Spitz ancestors popularized in England by Queen Victoria.

Speaking of diamonds

Paris Hilton’s handbag comes to mind when one thinks of Poms and toy dogs in general, but it was Queen Victoria who truly set off this canine craze. She chose particularly small ones, leading European breeders to keep them about that size. The Royal Family sure loves their furry companions! 

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