If you’re thinking about a place where people move quickly and often in a blur because of a lot of activities, there’s no question that New York City is one of those places.

New York City is not dubbed as “The Big Apple,” “Gotham,” and the “City that Never Sleeps” for no reason. The city is known for its many names, because it is the heart of many establishments that offers activities all day and night. There are lots of businesses, theaters, cinemas and the likes that always keep the people awake and on the go.

With this, it is not rare to find people walking briskly and always on the go. As for their pets, they’re keeping up.

Some New Yorkers often take their pets out for a walk in baby strollers, but there’s one pup who liked to stroll New York in a unique way.

A man was spotted walking down the city streets with a dog on a leash, but aside from being on a leash, the dog is actually calmly gliding alongside his hooman on a skateboard.

To be safe, he’s also sporting a cool hat!

Watch them here!

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