For some people travelling, sitting still waiting for the plane to land is hard enough as it is, because there’s nothing much to do to keep you entertained. But, for some passengers, they might have had the best plane ride of their lives.

On a flight from London to Ibiza, a group of passengers were surprised with the presence of Huxley, a friend Golden Retriever puppy flying with his fur-mom, Ursula Daphne Aitchison. According to her, it was Huxley’s first flight.

Just like everyone else on the plane, Huxley might have gotten a little bored, so he decided to meet other people on the plane.

Aitchison told The Dodo that Huxley decided to sit next to the man sitting in front of them. It’s safe to say the man is extremely thrilled to know Huxley chose to sit next to him, so he took a lot of selfies and sent it to his daughter.

Across the aisle, others also took a picture of the adorable dog, who kept on offering his paw to everyone he met.

Huxley surely loved being the center of attention. Everyone was thrilled to have him on board, except his mom, who he had been ignoring.

But his mom knew him best. Aitchison whipped out a snack and when Huxley heard her opening the snack bag, he tried his best to reach between the seats and stared back at her.

Huxley’s adorable face won Aitchison’s heart and she quickly took a series of photos, which she later on posted on Facebook and went viral.

But Huxley and Aitchison are no stranger to viral photos. The duo, along with another Golden Retriever, Hugo, have been an internet sensation with their adorable photos on Instagram and Facebook.

They all live together in London and the Goldens’ pages boasts more than 81,000 followers. Aside from being a pet lover and fur-mom to Huxley and Hugo, she is also a dog photographer for her company ‘Phodographyuk,’ where she takes photos of owners and their animal companions.

Photos from Ursula Daphne Aitchison/Facebook and hugoandursula/instagram

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