Padre Garcia of Batangas, south of Metro Manila, was one of the main supplier of dogs to the north. That was then. Now it is slowly becoming a dog meat dish vendor’s place of venture.

AKF has a heavy concentration of cases against dog traders in Batangas We may have broken the link between the dog supplying syndicates of the south to the dog meat buyers in the north but these unscrupulous beings, based on our experience, will always push the envelope until they are totally depleted of resources. A resources that is not much in terms of capitalization for the buying and selling of dogs but we hurt them a lot via their pockets when the court fines them more.  

This rescue operation happened on September 10 in the afternoon at Quilo-Quilo, Padre Garcia. The arrested trader was recently arraigned and imprisoned.

The five rescued dogs are now at AKF.

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