Five-year-old Penny has spent most of her life in a shelter. For over 750 days, she had stayed at the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society animal shelter in Washington.

Even though there was a nationwide Clear the Shelter campaign, where more than 161,000 dogs were adopted, Penny was left all alone in the shelter.

She’s a beautiful mix of retriever/Labrador/pit/terrier. Penny loves to play with tennis balls and would chase them as someone throws the ball with her. Aside from that, she is good with other animals, but she needs to be adopted in a one-dog home without other pets.

She also loves some attention, so going on trips to the local retirement homes and schools is what she loves the most.

Her left eye was surgically removed, which gives her a look that shows like she’s winking at you!

But despite all these, Penny still has not been adopted.

“Everyone here enjoys spending time with her. But we want her to find someone who can care for her and show her the love she deserves,” said Anne, a shelter volunteer.

If you want to adopt Penny, or if you know someone who could give her a loving home, contact Wenatchee Valley Humane Society at

Photo courtesy of Wenatchee Valley Humane Society

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