A three-year-old boy with autism was safely returned back to his family thanks to the heroics of a bloodhound and deputies from Santa Rosa County Sheriff.  

The boy, called Aedric, apparently unlocked the deadbolt on the door and walked out of their house while his grandmother was in the bathroom, according to a report by Miami Herald. The deputies said the boy wandered into the woods behind their neighbor’s house, and got lost.

“The most terrifying words a mother can get on the phone is ‘your child is missing, get home right now,’” Audra Hughes said during a news conference.

The deputies first tried to look for Aedric, but after two hours of coming up empty-handed, the bloodhounds were released. It took them 30 minutes to find the little boy.

“Once the dog hit the ground, it was 28 minutes until we got the child,” Sheriff Bob Johnson said.

Aedric was found surrounded by briars and mud about 200 yards away. He had some scratches and bug bites, but otherwise he was okay.

“Great job Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office,” District One Commissioner Sam Parker wrote on Facebook. “Their bloodhounds found a missing 3-year-old autistic boy who was lost in the woods today.”

Photos from: Santa Rosa County District One – Commissioner Sam Parker

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