A lot of adoption stories had made a huge impact and touched the lives of others. The story of Benny, a sweet and shy shelter dog from high-kill Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California, is just one like the others that will inspire you to spend more time with your animal companions and be a responsible pet owner.

Benny was already in line of being put down at the shelter, but a loving family chose to adopt him just in the nick of time.

In a video released by his new family, it could be seen that Benny freaked out when the caretaker was about to take him out of his kennel.

When Benny got out of his kennel, he was just filled with excitement and can’t stop wagging his tail! At the end of the clip, it could be seen how much he, just like any other dogs, just wanted some lovin’ and petting!

Watch it here:

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