Australia has been ravaged by wildfires in the past weeks, which have resulted in 24 deaths, and nearly half a billion animals have likely died according to experts.

One brave doggo is helping in making a difference and saves some of those affected by the fires.

Meet Patsy the Border Collie-Kelpie mix. Metro first reported Patsy, who helped his owners save a flock of sheep when the bushfires were closing in on their place.

Cath Hill, Patsy’s owner, wrote on her Facebook that Patsy helped brought the sheep to the safest paddock on the farm and even secured a safe spot for herself.

According to Hill, the fire approached their farm early in the morning and they tried their best to save what they could. Meanwhile, Patsy bravely helped in keeping the other animals safe.

It seems like the fires will continue to burn for days as the temperature’s about to go up again in the coming days. Hill said she hopes that by sharing the story of Patsy, it could give the people some positivity as their case is “unbelievable and it’s only going to get worse.”

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