“Let me out! Let me out!”

When a concerned neighbor heard the chilling cries of a woman, he immediately called 911. Four police officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office immediately turned up at the said house at Lake Worth Beach and confronted the man who looked to be fixing his wife’s car on the driveway.

Unexpectedly, the supposed “victim” was actually their pet parrot named Rambo.

According to NBC News affiliate WPTV, the deputies notified the man that his neighbor called to report that they heard a woman screaming asking for help and to be let out. The man smiled and said it was their parrot.

“I was changing the brakes on my wife’s car and had my 40-year-old parrot, Rambo, on his outside perch where he sings and talks,” the man said according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. “I promptly introduced the officers to Rambo and we all had a good laugh.”

The man also introduced Rambo to his neighbor and he said that they also “had a good laugh” about the situation.

“Sometimes Rambo yells ‘help, help, let me out,” said the man, adding that it was something he taught it ever since he was a kid since Rambo had always lived inside the cage.

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