In an animal shelter that specializes on Huskies, one funny-looking dog was rejected from his previous family and had become one of the longest residents of the shelter.

This is Jubilee. She’s a Husky that was abandoned by her previous humans for being different. According to the shelter, Jubilee was surrendered to the rescue because her breeder could not sell her. For years, Jubilee waited to find a new family to take care of her, but because of her appearance that is a result of irresponsible breeding, she was left alone in the shelter.

“She’s a very sweet dog and loves people once she warms up. She’s skittish at first, but if your offer her a treat, she’s your best friend!” a representative of Husky House told BarkSpot.

But after her story became viral on social media, a new family had decided to adopt her.

Her new family said Jubilee is beautiful and she now has two new fur siblings.

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