The puppy with a mustache is making the rounds on the internet again. For those who do not know her yet, Salvador Dolly is the adorable pup that became viral for her mustache.

Hearts & Bones Rescue organization first posted about Salvador Dolly a few months ago. A stray dog in their shelter gave birth to 11 adorable puppies, one of which was Salvador Dolly who had prominent black markings on her face that looked like a handlebar mustache.

She was named after the Spanish painter Salvador Dalli, who was not only famous for his art but also for his iconic mustache.

The volunteers were very happy that Salvador Dolly became viral. Because of that, a lot of inquiries came in for her and she finally got her fur-ever home.

Ryan Landry and Scott Martino, who operate The Gold Dust Orphans theatrical troupe, were surprised they got Salvador Dolly.

“We were told that someone else had adopted her, so we were kind of heartbroken,” Landry told in an interview. Hearts and Bones Rescue soon contacted Landry that they got accepted as Dolly’s new family.

Landry picked up Dolly in New York and surprised Martino. Dolly is now settling very well in her new home along with her sister Violet, a Jack Russell terrier.

“She has spurts of energy where goes for like 10 minutes and then she just wants to sit in your lap,” Landry said.

Dolly has been chosen as part of Animal Planet’s annual football-themed event 2020 Puppy Bowl in New York.

“She’s been recognized on the street when I’ve walked with her a few times,” Martino said. “The mustache, I have a feeling it’s going to get more pronounced as she gets older.”

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