A health insurance recently surveyed millennials to know more about their priorities. The findings, which were published in HealthPocket, a free information service designed to help consumers find medical coverage, showed that 62% of millennials would take their pets to the veterinarian more regularly, than they do for themselves.

1,000 people in the United States between ages 20 to 35 were asked concerning their healthcare use. In addition to asking them if they do put their pet’s health over their own, they found out that only 25% of them have pet insurance.

Along with the survey, they found that 79% of them ask “Dr. Google” first about a health issue before calling an actual doctor for any health condition. Further findings show that 50% of millennials used their wellness benefits.

21% use a drop-in clinic for their medical care routine, while 44% don’t get an annual physical each year.

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