A 15-year-old girl volunteered at her local animal shelter when she reunited with her childhood cat named Spunky.

In a report by Good News Network, Hannah Rountree said she lost Spunky three years ago from their home in Roseburg, Oregon during a family vacation. When she lost Spunky, her family had already assumed the worst.

Now, Rountree has been volunteering at the Saving Grace Pet Adoption center. On her second day, she noticed a cat that looked exactly like her feline friend. To her surprise, it was really Spunky!

According to the report, the cat was found by the side of a highway in September last year and was immediately put up for adoption. He was adopted, but was also returned back a couple of weeks later to the shelter, because “he didn’t want to catch mice.”

Rountree brought Spunky back to their home and she said he became comfortable immediately. To avoid losing him the second time, she said she made sure to have him microchipped.

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