The Nueva Ecija Exotic Club (NEEC) conducted an exhibit, “Big and Small, Conserve ‘Em All”, to promote wildlife conservation and good pet parenting. Focusing on the preservation of the natural habitat of animals, NEEC also hopes to put a stop to the local wildlife trade.

Keep ‘em wild

According to NEEC, every species plays a role in the ecosystem. By educating the masses about the consequences of purchasing animals captured from the wild, they hope that the demand for poaching goes down as well.

Habitat for endangered species

Sierra Madre has the longest mountain range in the Philippines, providing a home for thousands of threatened wildlife species, including the critically endangered Philippine Eagle. The mountain range also surrounds Nueva Ecija, the rice granary of the country and home to NEEC.

Raising awareness

The exhibit showcased different exotic animals, including fancy chickens, bantams, hamsters, guinea pigs, Mexican green iguanas, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, alligator snapping turtles, common snapping turtles, Burmese pythons, ball pythons, boas, and sugar gliders.

Different animal groups, such as Nueva Ecija Guinea Pig Lovers, Nueva Ecija Rodents Enthusiasts Club, Guild of Novo Ecijano Cactus and Succulents Growers, and Bantam Society of Nueva Ecija, supported the exhibit.

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s January 2020 issue.

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