Go to the groomer, get your dog back – it’s all sounds so easy. But for this man, it turned into a funny adventure.

Coco asked her husband to pick up their white pooch BooBear from the grooming station, where she had dropped him off earlier.

When her husband Rudy came back home with a little dog in his arms, Coco realized the dog Rudy was carrying had a different haircut. It turned out, it was not just the haircut that’s different, though, it was an entirely different pup!

Dog named Coco aka wrong dog

Posted by CoCo Salazar on Thursday, December 26, 2019

According to Rudy, he said he was there for Coco (in behalf of his wife), but the groomers thought he was pertaining to a dog named Coco, which is why they handed him Coco the dog.

Rudy went back immediately and came back home with BooBear!

Welcome home BooBear! (Facebook/CoCo Salazar)

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