There are nearly 10,000 people infected with the 2019 coronavirus (2019 – nCoV) across the world and over 200 people have died from it. Those who have contracted the virus shows symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath.

The virus was linked to a large seafood and animal market in Wuhan. As 2019-nCoV spreads rapidly, pet owners in China are rushing to buy face masks to protect their animal companions.

Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there is no evidence that pets can be infected by the strain of coronavirus, the Chinese continues to buy pet masks to protect their pets.

33-year-old Zhou Tianxiao, an online retailer in Beijing, said he has been selling pet masks ten times more than he usually did before the spread of the virus. He initially sold the masks designed for dogs to protect them from air pollution.

“[The dog masks] might not be as professional as the medical masks made for humans, but they are functional,” Zhou told MailOnline in an interview.

Photos by Zhou Tianxiao

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