When you think about dogs and cats, you can definitely think of a fun way to do activities with them, like go to the beach, run for a quick run in the park or even swim.

But for humans with chickens as animal companions, they might not have any idea how to bond with them.

Check out this handmade swing set with a white rope and a red seat. It is actually low enough for chickens to be able to hop on and off.

“Designed by us, built by our good Amish friend Levi. Levi and his family live without electricity, use a hand pump for water, and travel using a horse and buggy,” it says. “He uses natural gas for lighting in the home and his wife cooks over a traditional wood stove. Their family lives just outside Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania>”

It costs $49.99 (P2,531.77) at Etsy shop The Chicken Network.

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