Pet-friendly establishments in the Philippines are becoming increasingly common that even offices are welcoming pets in the workplace. Is your company one of those pet-friendly places enough to allow animal companions in the establishment?

Here are a few reasons why more places should allow pets in the workplace:

1. Work-life balance

Employees at companies that allows pets in the workplaces stated that having pets help them pass long work hours happily, and pets remind them to take breaks once in a while.

Spending so much time on work can cause unnecessary stress. Having pets in the workplace remind people to pause and step back. Short walks, a little playtime and some distraction could help employees not to overwork.

Studies proved that pets reduce blood pressure, lower stress, which makes employees more cordial and productive.

2. Reduce stress

More employees say having pets in the workplace make them happier, which makes for a more comfortable and flexible environment according to Applied Psychology Degree. Furthermore, having less stress in the workplace means less stress-related illnesses, too.

3. Healthcare savings

Because employers and employees are happier in the workplace, the humans are happier too and do not acquire any medical attention, thus saves more in healthcare. The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) found that pet owners save US$11.7 billion yearly in healthcare. This just shows that pets can be a proactive method of staying healthy.

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