Most kids would have chosen to play with their friends out at the park and have fun all day, but one nine-year-old boy finds happiness in creating stunning portraits of animals and donates what he earns to local animal shelters.

Meet Pavel Abramov, a little boy from Russia who uses his artistic talents to help animal shelters.

Pavel launched his acts of kindness after his beloved loyal pet dog passed away almost two years ago. To honor his best bud, he decided to pick up a paintbrush and spend hours drawing pet portraits. It soon became a hit online, where he made commissions out of it. But, Pavel thought of something better.

Instead of money, Pavel asked his customers to donate pet food and supplies to local animal shelters to help animals in need. In the small city of Arzamas, Pavel is the youngest volunteer.

Through project “Good Paintbrush,” Pavel collects the donations with his mother Ekaterina Bolshakova and donates it to the shelter, which cares for more than 100 animals.

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