With over 157,000 followers on Instagram and videos viewed a million times on TikTok, Golden Retriever Rae becomes an internet star in just a few days.

Rae, which is spelled ear backwards, has one ear that sticks out on top of her head that looks like a unicorn horn.

She suffered a serious injury shortly after birth that left her with just one ear that slowly ‘migrated’ to the top of her head, making her look more lovable.

According to the breeder, they suspected that Rae’s mother may had been a little too aggressive when she was cleaning off the pup’s placenta, which left Rae’s entire ear gone and all its skin peeled off. The unicorn pup had a major surgery hours after birth.

Brianna Vorhees, a hospital receptionist where the pup was admitted to, told CNN that they did not expect the pup to make it, but Rae made a full recovery.

“We’re assuming because of the sutures is why the ear migrated to the top of her head,” Vorhees told CNN. “I think as her skin grew, and she started to grow, that it just kind of migrated up there.”

Vorhees eventually adopted Rae, with her husband naming the pup. Vorhees said Rae gets a lot of weird stares, but it does not make her love the pup any less.

“She was a positive outlet for me,” Vorhees added. “She’s actually the one who saved me. I could focus on her to take care of her to love and get love back, and she was that for me, and kind of that’s why she means so much to me.”

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