For the very first time, an ultra-rare Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx mindanesis) shows off its unique features in a photograph by Filipino field biologist and director of the Robert S. Kennedy Bird Conservancy.

The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher is known for its striking plumage or orange, metallic lilac and bright blue spots that have been first described about 130 years ago.

They eluded scientists for a very long time because they are very difficult as they camouflage very well from perch to perch. They can be found in the forests of Mindanao and Basilan.

“The Robert S. Kennedy Bird Conservancy is a group of eight field workers and bird photographers that documents birds and habitats, contributing data previously unknown to science, with the ultimate goal of conserving species and ecosystems,” says De Leon in an interview with Esquire Philippines about the bird that is now threatened with extinction.

“We focus on poorly known birds and document their biology and ecology or how they interact with other organisms in their habitat,” he adds.

You may find De Leon’s photos in Esquire Philippines’ feature story here: Ultra-Rare Dwarf Kingfisher Fledling Photographed for the Very First Time.