As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, a pet owner thought of taking her animal companion out for a walk and visit some neighbors to battle against loneliness amid self-isolation.

37-year-old Jenny Bromfield takes her American bulldog Rocky out to visit their neighbors to provide some distraction in these trying times.

Bromfield is a former business development executive. She first thought of offering some of Rocky’s famous hugs and kisses to others when she posted on Middlesbrough Covid-19 mutual aid Facebook page last March 17. Three people visited her and Rocky immediately, and since then, she decided to share the companionship she receives from Rocky with those who most felt lonely and isolated.

“Helping other people makes me feel like a valuable member of the community,” Bromfield told The Independent. “I’m so proud of how social he is and I feel so much better myself, knowing that I can help people get through their isolation periods a little easier.”

Bromfield adopted Rocky when he was just 11 months old, and the pooch surely came into her life at the perfect time. She said she was battling with mental health issues when Rocky came into her life and encouraged her to go out more often.

Lizzie, one of their neighbors who Rocky visited, said it was one of the greatest visitors she ever had.

“The visit from Rocky really cheered me up in these uncertain times,” Lizzie said. “I was feeling quite down and anxious before Rocky came, and then while he was here and after he left I feel much better.”