The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, affecting people, their businesses and livelihoods, as well as millions of animals who suffer from other ailments.

The World Veterinary Service has been in the frontline of helping animals worldwide for 16 years now. They have been sending veterinary aids, even to the most uncommon places where they experience some of the worst cases among animals and wildlife.

“Now, we can use our global network of animal welfare charities to ensure that animals in need receive the care they deserve through the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated the organization.

Though the organization failed to send their veterinarians and experts to aid animals around the world due to the pandemic that saw several countries mandate lockdowns and community quarantines, the group said they still continue to send aids and supplies to those in need.

“They are on their way to Italy,” the organization stated on a Facebook post. “These aid parcels, packed with almost 50 kilograms of life-saving veterinary supplies including anti-inflammatory pain relief medication and antibiotic tablets, were sent yesterday to 18 different charities across the country to help treat and care for animals during this challenging time.”

Among those relief medications that they sent were some basic tick and flea treatment to Mozambique to stop the street dogs dying from chronic tick-borne diseases. Wound care packages were sent to Zimbabwe to care for the donkeys suffering from ax injuries and chimpanzees in Cameroon were given necessary medications to prevent them from having the deadly TB disease.

“We cannot forget the animals we share this world with during this time,” the organization said. “With your support, we can ensure that care is provided where it is needed most, now!

If you wish to help and donate, you may contact them through their Facebook page.