Many countries have mandated lockdowns, community quarantines and social distancing. It may sound great for your animal companions to have you at home all the time, but it could also create an unsettling environment for them.

In a report by Insider, they have spoken to veterinarians to ask about the best tips and advice they could give pet owners to keep their furry companions happy and healthy.

Veterinarian and director of Animal Medical Center of Mid-America Travis Arndt said pets are at their happiest when they have a routine and a consistent schedule.

“Create specific playtimes, like before you start your work-from-home day, during your lunch break, or after you’ve signed off for the day. Stick to that schedule as best as you can,” Arndt said.

For those with a small space at home, yet a very active dog on their toes, Arndt recommended giving them attention-grabbing toys.

“Provide toys that stimulate your pet’s mind, like those that can be stuffed with treats or squeaky toys,” Arndt added, noting that tech-savvy pet parents could also play some online videos meant to entertain animal companions.

For cats, Arndt said owners should install scratching posts and have catnips to keep felines entertained inside the house.

Veterinarian and associate professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Adam Boyko said though social distancing could limit pet owners from walking their buddies to the park, he urged them to still allot some playtime to burn their energies.

“Playing in your yard or taking a walk in your neighborhood will keep you and your pet physically active and can help ward off those feelings of isolation and boredom,” Arndt said.

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