The importance of pets in their humans’ health and well-being are all well-documented. They reduce loneliness and anxiety, oftentimes helps lift their hooman’s mood, especially during stressful times.

Now that many people are forced to stay in their homes due to the coronavirus threat, pets prove to be a lifesaver.

“My daughter would have been bored witless without him,” a pet owner said about their dog. “Barney is definitely reducing the stress levels and upping the fun in our house.”

But it is important to note that it is not just cats and dogs who bring benefits. There’s the reptiles too.

18-year-old Alexander Phasey from South Wales told The Guardian that his reptiles have been there to help manage his severe social anxiety and depression.

Many animal shelters have rehomed hundreds of animals. Dogs Trust said there had been a 25 percent increase in adoptions, but warned that “a dog is for lie… not just for lockdown.”

As pet owners remain stuck at home, animal behaviorists and trainers said it’s not just the humans’ lives that have been disrupted, but also that of animals’.

Caroline Wilkinson, dog trainer near Bristol, recommended keeping mealtimes and bedtimes consistent, and always keep a routine for them so they would not be too stressed with the changes in the household.

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