Do you have a dog or a cat? Do you think their behaviors do not match their breed?

You may think you know everything there is to know about your companion animals, but they can still surprise you. If you are wondering what your pet is made up of or if they have any underlying health issues, especially if you’ve rescued or adopted them, there are easy ways you can find out their DNA.

Cat DNA Test Kit from Basepaws is a basic test that only requires your feline’s saliva to learn more about their genetics. It comes complete with a swab, which you need to brush around the inside of their mouth before sending it to LA laboratory for assessment.

The results will be within six to nine weeks.

For dog owners, you can avail Wisdom Panel’s 2.0 Dog DNA Test, which has been recognized as the world’s leading DNA test kits for canines. Cannot read property ‘get’ of undefinedImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.UploadMedia LibraryInsert from URL

Similar to Basepaws, Wisdom Panel’s kit will require you to take a swab of your pooch’s mouth before sending it to the laboratory. You will receive an in-depth report, including a detailed description of the breed, its three-generation family tree, weight profile and nutrition guidance.

They have a DNA database containing over 350 breeds and varieties.

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