Fidel Patlingrao, 69, is a security guard in a warehouse in Cebu City. For the past six years, he has not just been a dutiful guard, but also an unsung hero for the stray dogs.

In a report by Cebu Daily News, Patlingrao is said to have been sparing P100 every day from his daily budget to buy food for the stray dogs in Happy Valley Subdivision, Banawa, Barangay Guadalupe.

His story became viral after one of the neighbors reached out to Saving Strays Cebu to help Patlingrao with his good deed.

Gretel Eleazar of Saving Strays Cebu stepped in and announced online that those willing to help Patlingrao can send their donations through the organization and the group’s members will give it directly to Patlingrao.

“Since the posting on April 4 about Tatay Fidel, we have already collected P7,250 worth of cash donations as of April 7 that will go directly to Tatay Fidel,” Eleazar said. “It depends on him on how he will spend it.”

Patlingrao often buys food in a carenderia nearby and feed the dogs around 4pm after his work.

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