Population of stray animals across the world continues to grow. Several animal rescue organizations try as much as they can to lessen the number of animals left on the streets, but there are still those who are in need of a loving home.

Dropbox Project, an iniative by an animal rescue organization in India that helps other groups by providing kennels, food, blankets and other necessary supplies, recently found a very, very friendly puppy.

Stray animals are often shy and aloof when meeting strangers, but not this dog. When volunteers started to feed some of the animals, the friendly pup began to follow them. Soon, the volunteers realized the dog was following anyone kind to him, looking desperate for someone to adopt him into a loving home.

The volunteers decided to take the dog with them and name him “Scribble.”

When Scribble was taken to the DropBox vets, the veterinarian realized Scribble was limping, probably from a strong kick by a human annoyed by his excessive friendliness. Dogs like Scribble are treated as ‘pests’ to many locals, which makes kicking them quite a common practice.

Because Scribble was not in a position to stay on the streets, another animal welfare group, Sidewalk Specials, took Scribble under their wing to find him a forever home.

Scribble is quite popular now! He was introduced to Hills Nutrition and the Express Morning Show to talk about his story. Immediately, they found a family for Scribble!

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