Companion animals are not just for adults to become best friends. They prove to be much more to kids, encouraging them to develop many important personality traits and skills. With them, children get to understand responsibilities easily and are showed the value of love and understanding in the family.

Here are some proofs why you should consider getting your child a furry best friend.

1. They will be forever by your side.

Photo: Losper/imgur

2. They will welcome your baby from the day he/she is born.

Photo: Iowan_Captive/reddit

3. Sleeping will be more comfortable

Photo: unknown/imgur

4. Kids become empathic from a young age.

5. Kids will learn to share.

Photo: OSUJillyBean/reddit

6. Create memories together.

Photo: SqueesDream/reddit

7. They will clean up after your child. “Our cat is waiting for my son to drop some food.”

Photo: radiocleve/reddit

8. Walking outside won’t be boring anymore.

Photo: thedubarchitect/reddit

9. They will be with your kid in sickness or in health. “My son was sick with the flu and our dog was always by his side.”

10. They will always be in our memories and our hearts.

(Photo: Dbukowski/reddit)

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