The Spanish government has implemented a strict stay-at-home order in an effort to contain the coronavirus disease. But, some residents are getting quite creative in thinking of excuses to get outdoors, including walking their “pets.”

The Spanish National Police tweeted a photo of a man getting fined for “walking” his pet fish in a bowl in Logrono, a town in northern Spain. According to the police, he violated government orders to stay inside due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, he is not a lone case.

On March 25, another man was penalized of violating movement restriction by the Spanish Civil Giuard in Lazarote after walking his hen outside.

Then on March 16 viodeo footage, a man can be seen walking his toy dog on  leash. On the same say, another unidentified pcitizen was stopped by police after trying to walk on the streets dressed as Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Spanish Parliament has extended the country’s state of emergency until May 9 as the European country has recorded more than 20,000 deaths due to the coronavirus.

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