The coronavirus pandemic is forcing people around the world to spend time alone and practice social distancing, often relying on digital communication to connect with friends and family.

But for many animal species in the animal kingdom, self-isolation is not a new concept. From land animals to marine species, many live in solitude. Here are five animal species compiled by the World Wildlife Fund.

Marine turtles

Marine turtles prefer to interact with only one other turtle for mating or nesting. The female turtle returns to the ocean and leave their nest and eggs to develop on their own. Once the hatchlings emerge,they will also begin a solo ourney in the ocean, where they will remain alone for the next years to come.

Blue whales

The largest animals on the planet roam the world’s oceans fely and often swim alone or in pairs. During a mating period, these gentle giants use loud low-pitchedmoans that reached up to 188 decibels to call the others.

Snow leopards

Snow leopards are shyc ats and not afraid to live alone. They can only be seen with another leopard when it’s comating seaon or when a mother has to look after her cubs.

Polar bears

Known as the planet’s biggest land-based carnivores, polar bears do not mind living a semi-solitary life. After being active during the mating season, adult polar bears tend to be antisocial. Males often seek females and often thwhen they’ve found each other, they will separate after a week.


Orangutans spend most of their time hanging out in trees. When females and males encounter each other during travelling or feeding, it will be a very brief encounter only as orangutans spend their lives semi-solitary in he wild.