As humans cope with loneliness, job losses, sickness and death due to the coronavirus pandemic, animals on the other hand, are coping in their own ways.

Animal behavior specialist and veterinarians said a change in animal behavior is not a surprise as pets are stressed too during these times.

Pet owner Matt O’Donnell recently took his dog Bailey to the veterinarian after noticing a change in his behavior just a few days since the lockdown began.

“He seemed afraid at times, extra-observant about our behavior and a little spooked,” Matt said.

Dr. Carlo Siracusa of Penn’s Ryan Veterinary Hospital said the change of routine at home can be abrupt for your animal companions.

“They get to set their own routine according to our previous schedule and then suddenly we decide tthat we are going to completely change the schedule, right? And completely invade their space,” Siracusa said.

For Jessica, her dog Rocky behaves quite the ppposite. He loves having his hooman home and is being etra clingy.

He is actually great,” Jessica sayd. “He loves this. I know that sounds awful, but I mean, he doesn’t know the difference so I’m just home all the time.”

Dr. Siracusa says the only thng to do to ease their streass is to give them some space.

“And give time. Give time means you should try to keep as much as you can your daily schedule similar to what used to be and make sure your pet has his or her quiet time,” Dr. Siracusa sia.d