Many people are stuck at home around the globe due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. In Maine, a woman decided to help with her furry best friends.

Hannah Lucas, a clerk from the Circle K in Caribou, has been delivering food and other groceries to those stuck at home. She’s been specifically delivering to seniors in the rural part of Maine.

“I just noticed that there were a lot of people, specifically the elderly, coming in just to buy the milk or eggs, or fruit that we have here,” Lucas told NPR in an interview. “And I just wanted to help them minimize leaving their house during this time of a pandemic.”

(Photo: Hannah Lucas via NPR)

Lucas moved to Maine two years ago to pursue racing Siberian Huskies. So now, her Huskies are helping her deliver food for the people so they do not have to go out anymore and risk getting the virus.

When she delivers the food, she and her dogs make sure that they are all practicing social distancing. She calls her clients to let them know she’s coming or already there. Then, she sets the food on the ground and steps back to let the buyers review the order from a distance.

“I think about my grandparents who are in their 70s and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to anyone,” Lucas says. “So anything I can do to help, I will.”

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