An old photograph of an orphaned kangaroo cuddling a teddy bear is currently making the rounds on the Internet again.

Gillian Beshara is a caretaker for WIRES, the biggest non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center for wildlife in Australia. She was the one who took the photograph and her son Tim Beshara shared it on Twitter.

Gillian learned that orphaned animals respond well to teddy bears, just like a toddler would do to their toys as they treat them as companions. So she hang a handful of stuffed toys around the yard for the orphaned animals in the center.

Doodlebug, an eastern-gray kangaroo, then was the first one to get a toy, and he sure looked happy with it as he snuggled and hugged it tightly.

According to the organization, Doodlebug was found as an abandoned newborn. They did not know what happened to its mother.

Doodlebug was just a months old and he was in poor health when Gillan took him in. Luckily, Gillian and other volunteers never gave up on him and nursed the kangaroo back to health and has now made a full recovery.

When Doodlebug was deemed healthy enough, the volunteers returned him back to the wild, back to his home.

Although he’s happily hopping around now in the wild, Gillian said Doodlebig still comes back every now and then for food and some cuddles.

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