Lulu the cat was in poor shape when she was brought in the shelter. She was covered in matted fur and had several health issues. For over a year in a shelter, Lulu was just hoping for a family to come home to.

Like fate, young Kayla’s mother was looking for another animal to add to the family.

“I tried to convince my mom to get a kitten but she clearly knew what she was doing,” Kayla shared on reddit. “(Lulu) had been in the shelter for a year and no one wanted her because she had health problems.”

Kayla said Lulu was already 10 years old and has kidney disease. “She also has ingrown nails from being in too small of a cage. She couldn’t even jump when we first got her.”

When their family met Lulu, Kayla and her mom knew that she’s the one right away. Over the next few months, the sweet tabby grew back her fluffy coat and had so much energy, jumping and running like any other cat!

One morning, Kayla’s mother woke up to a very nice surprise from Lulu.

Lulu carried her slipper all the way to the bed and dropped it right in front of her and went back to get the other pair.

Since then, the tabby has been on the routine of collecting slippers for her new furmom and bring them to her feet.

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