Love is a powerful thing.

There are a million of stray animals around the world who are in need of a loving home who will care for them. For these abandoned and neglected animals, they luckily found their fur-ever home and hoomans who gave them a second chance.

Here are some of the best glow-up photos, hoping to inspire other people how much love can change one animal’s life at a time.

  1. “Meet Dusty! He was living under train cars, then my office, now my home. These photos are 3 months apart!”

2. “My foster dog got adopted yesterday. Only 10 days between the 2 photos.”

3. “It’s been exactly one year since I adopted my first dog, Catlyn.”

4. “Adopted this guy today from the shelter! He sure looks happy!”

5. “Merlin at the adoption center, he looked so sad I just had to go meet him. Now he is majestic.”

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