Our pets have always been there with us through thick and thin, especially during this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is asking pet owners to join and take part in the National Pet Week (May 3 to 9). During this time, let us all celebrate the furry, feathered, scaled and finned friends!

As such, AVMA recommended four ways to celebrate our lovely companions!

  1. Love your pet? See the vet!
    Most pet owners do not take their pets to the veterinarian unless they are visibly sick or injured. Officials said “regular check-ups are vital to catching health problems early. Not only can early treatment mean better health for your pet, it can also save you money.”
  2. Travel with care
    Even though it’s just a short trip to the store or you’ll have to walk to the park, AVMA officials remind pet owners to make advance planning to keep everyone safe. Your companion may not really be fit to travel. It’s important to bring water and some medicine, just in case something happens down the road.
  3. Emergency happens: Be prepared
    There have been a lot of calamities and happenings early this year, and one of the most common mistakes of pet owners is that they do not include their companion animals to the family’s emergency plan. AVMA offers a step-by-step guide in assembling emergency kits and plans for a variety of pets and animals.
  4. Give them a lifetime of love
    Pets are living longer now than they have before thanks to their hooman’s love and care, AVMA officials said. For senior pets, they advice for regular veterinary examinations to improve their chances of having a longer and healthier life.

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