Cancer is the leading cause of death among pets, according to the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF). The key to help our companion animals is to detect it early.

ACF officials say pet owners should look for these 10 warning signs to aid in diagnosing cancer in their pets as early as possible.

  1. A foul odor can often be detected in pets with oral tumors.
  2. Although straining to urinate and blood in the urine will usually indicate a urinary tract infection, if it does not resolve rapidly with antibiotics, cancer of the bladder may be the underlying cause.
  3. Unexplained lameness can be a sign of bone cancer.
  4. A dry cough in older pets is the most common sign of lung cancer.
  5. Non-trama induced bleeding from the mouth, nose, gums or blood should be investigated by your veterinarian.
  6. Unexplained vomiting or diarrhea should be checked immediately by your vet.
  7. Make sure to have your pet check if they are losing weight.
  8. A rapidly enlarged stomach may suggest a mass or tumor in the abdomen or may indicate bleeding in this area.
  9. Any growing lump that is changing in texture or shape should be biopsied.
  10. Enlarged lymph nodes may be a common form of cancer called lymphoma.

ACF says it’s important to check for these signs and immediately go to the veterinarian to have your pets checked.

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