Sausage siblings Chorizo and Cocoa used to go to their doggy day care while fur-dad’s at work at least three times a week. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the day care was forced to close along with other business establishments. Now, their parent thought of a great idea to turn their frowns upside down.

Daniel Dava, fur-parent of Chorizo and Cocoa, is a driver for FedEx. Normally, he drives and delivers alone, but he decided to bring his dogs with him to bring some fun on his route.

“The decision to bring them with me on deliveries was not easy but my supervisor is very understanding,” Nava told The Dodo in an interview. “Also, I had brought them with me before with no safety issues – I have them on a harness that is anchored down to my seat while we drive.”

Cocoa and Chorizo surely took their new role as FedEx delivery dogs very seriously. They were very well-behaved that their fur-dad decided to make them their own little FedEx work uniforms.

“I ended up making their outfits out of some old work shirts, and I got them some doggy sunglasses on Amazon,” he added.

Nava said Chorizo and Cocoa not only bring him joy on the road, but the people they meet along the way are also very happy getting to know them.

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