In 2018, tourists were astonished to see a solitary Mandarin duck at Burnaby Lake in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia. Its vibrant color not hard to miss. Ever since then, he was named “Trevor” and attracted thousands of tourists over to the area to take a look of his beauty.

After days of seeing him stand out from the rest of indigenous duck species, Trevor, however, suddenly disappeared.

Months later, local photographer John Preissl spotted the rare Mandarin duck and managed to snap some photos. It turned out Trevor has been going between Deer Lake and Burnaby Lake, which are a few kilometers apart.

“Two weeks ago, I showed one of the cool Metro Vancouver Burnaby Park Rangers the new eagles nest. He told me that he has seen the Mandarin duck again lately at the lake,” Preissl told BurnabyNow in an interview. “No one that we know of had seen him since last spring. We thought possibly an eagle got him. I finally got down to the lake this morning and Trevor was there. A bit skittish at first but then swam right up to me and stayed an hour directly in front of me.”

Male Mandarin ducks are known for their orange, purple, white and blue feathers with a red bill. They are native to parts of Asia like China and Japan. So it was pretty rare to find it in North America.

They are touted by some bird lovers as the most beautiful ducks in the world.

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