Big Poppa always have a big heart for everyone he meets, especially the neighborhood kids. He loves playing with them, but due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, he is limited to watching them from afar.

In an interview with The Dodo, Big Poppa’s mom, Rae Ellis, said he usually plays with the kids when he sees them playing in the courtyard or just riding a skateboard in the garage.

“He loves it, especially if they have a ball or a skateboard or on a scooter. He will try to get it and play on it but he’s too small. They usually let him attempt and also give him plenty of rubs,” Ellis says.

Ellis says she noticed recently how Big Poppa seems. He’s hanging out on the balcony more often, watching some of the kids play down below.

“I noticed him trying to get the attention of the kids outside but he could not,” Ellis adds.

After watching and waiting them to spot him almost everyday, the kids finally noticed him up there and started to say hi to him every time.

“Now they know he’s watching and they scream BIG POPPA repeatedly and he jumps around and he’s so excited,” Ellis says.

Big Poppa surely misses the outside, and for him to play with the kids once again. But for now, he’s happily watching them from a distancing, waiting for the day where he can finally play with them again.

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