Victoria Bryceson was in the process of planning a series of festivals in the United Kingdom in order to launch her newest project – a shelter for disable dogs and cats. However, her plans were put on hold as the country faced lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Just like any other establishments, Miracle’s Mission, her founded animal welfare charity, has also been losing money. Not only that, she worry that many stray animals around the world are currently at risk of dying from a disease, abandonment or vets being forced to put them down.

(Photo by: Victoria Bryceson)

“Ninety per cent of disabled dogs that are seen by vets are euthanized unnecessarily so there must be literally thousands of dogs killed like this in the UK,” Bryceson told Metro UK.

Miracle Mission has a waiting list of dogs in urgent need of help, such as those who have missing limbs or paralyzed. Right now, they plead the public to help raise £20,000 – the equivalent of the property deposit.

Once they open, Bryceson said they will surely provide care for the vulnerable dogs and cats with veterinary assessments, MRIs, surgeries, and fitting of prosthetics and wheels.

So far, they have raised £4,550. Once she reaches her goal, she says she will pursue to build the shelter in Yorkshire, which she hopes will open this year as well.

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