Not all pet owners know the answers to everything. These veterinarians answer all questions pet owners commonly ask.

1.Why are dogs’ noses always wet?

Dogs’ noses are wet because they secrete a mucous that aids their sense of smell, veterinarian Whitney Miller tells Insider in an interview. “However, they also swat through their noses and lick their noses quite a bit, essentially cleaning them off with their tongues.”

2. Why do dogs’ paws smell like corn chips?

Have you ever sniffed a dog’s paw? If you have you might have smelled a distinct corn chip smell, which some dog owners call as “Frito feet.”

“Just like people, dogs have normally occurring bacteria and fungi on the skin surface, including their paws. These bacteria can createa ‘yeast-like’ smell,” veterinarian Robert J. Cotton III tells Insider. He added that if you see your dog excessively licking their paws, you should check in with your vet.

3. Will getting a dog spayed or neutered change their personality?

Veterinarian Jamie Richardson of Small Door Veterinary tells Insider that removing a dog’s reproductive organs has not shown unwanted personality consequences.

“There is no scientific literature to suggest that spaying or neutering makes dogs less energetic or lazy, or [that it] changes their personality in negative ways,” says Richardson.

4. Do small breeds bark more than large breeds?

Small breeds have a reputation of barking more than the larger breeds, say for example our favorite Chihuahuas. But in reality, there is no guarantee that big dogs are more quiet than the little fellas.

“Most dogs were bred with a job to do and some of those jobs require being vocal. Some breeds, like miniature Pinschers, were bred to guard,” explains veterinarian Gary Richter to Insider. “Other dogs, like Beagles, were born to hunt and alert their owner to prey.”

5. Are some breeds friendlier than others?

“Certain breeds have been bred over the years to focus on specific qualities, such as loyalty,” says Miller. “However, dogs of any breed can be great companions and have unique qualities, social patterns, and habits.”

If you’re thinking of adding another canine into your family, make sure to do your research to understand their personality first.

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