Librarian Lisa Shaffer has kept people in their homes entertained for weeks now, after introducing her cat Horatio to the social media world.

Shaffer’s working at the Centre County Library, and in an effort to build their social media presence, Shaffer consulted with her co-workers and decided to take photos of her feline friend dressed as various literary icons and artists.

Shaffer designed the costumes herself and set up the photoshoots. She post photos of her cats every Saturday, or as she refers to it, “Caturday.”

“I just started taking books, random books that would be interesting to highlight. Or if it was an author’s birthday or anniversary of some event, I would get a picture of one of my cats, mostly Horatio, and it just kind of went from there,” she told WPSU in a video.

Horatio is an 11-year-old tabby who wears costumes that range from Shakespearean collars made out of coffee filters.

“He’s just a gentle soul,” Shaffer said. “I think he’s also a bit of a ham, too. When we do our ‘photoshoots,’ as I like to call it, for Caturday, he does seem to know what’s going on.”

“[The library’s new fans] makes them think a little bit. You connect with the library, you connect with literary, and that’s our mission,” she said.

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