This is Frank the Peacock, the bird who went viral for roaming Indianapolis.

Image credits: RealtyAmanda

Indianapolis Animal Care Services had been trying to capture Frank the Peacock for two months until he’s been finally caught on the southeast side of Indianapolis on Friday, May 30. According to the officials, Frank had traveled over 600 miles from Franklin Township in search of a mate.

“No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you,” Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) shared a photo of Frank in their Facebook page. “That’s Frank the Peacock and he’s at IACS. Thanks to a resident in the Twin Aire Neighborhood, Frank was safely captured and picked up by an ACO this evening. We’ve made arrangements for Frank to go to Olivia’s Oinking Acres. We are told a peahen is waiting for him, so he may find love after all.”

The peacock has traveled from Franklin Township to Indianapolis. He’s become viral since that a group of people even started a Franklin Township Facebook group – Where’s the Franklin Township Peacock? A member of the group even made a map tracking the whereabouts of Frank.

Image credits: FrankDaPeacock

“While Frank was on his great escapade, he developed quite a following. Some people were upset to see Frank apprehended and captured. Peafowl are not native to Indiana nor a wild animal. There are domestic creature that can not survive on their own,” shared the Oinking Acres Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in their Facebook page, noting that because of Frank, they have now decided to make their aviary much larger for him.

Image credits: Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary

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